Unless you have been hiding away for the last few years, you will know that STA Travel takes responsible travel very seriously! We are proud of it and we like to shout about it and no wonder when we offer a huge number of fantastic volunteer projects all around the world. Some of these projects are booked through 1SOURCE and so here are all the details you might need including which suppliers and what they offer.

If you need any more information on the projects, what they do, how you can help and more, then please visit our amazing Planeterra Intranet.

Global Vision International

Who: Global Vision International (GVI) supports international charities, non-profits and governmental agencies, through volunteering opportunities, internship programs, training and direct funding. They send over 2,000 participants every year.

Where does the money go?

Simply put, 70% of our fees go into the field to run our programs, and the remaining amount goes towards recruitment and admin costs. Having staff at each base to manage operations and the volunteering experience is a huge strength of GVI, because we are able to make sure the volunteers are learning (and having a great time!) and the project partners are receiving the support needed.  And in the case of emergency, it's reassuring to know you've got their full support, as well.

Click here to for an overview on where the money is spent: http://www.gvi.co.uk/about-us/how-is-my-money-spent

Number of projects in brochure: 25


1. Volunteer with Children in Ao Luk
2. Volunteer with novice buddhist monks
3. Teach children in Laos
4. Volunteer and teach english in China
5. Volunteer with disadvantage children in Kerala
6. Trek to Mt Everest base camp & volunteer
7. Teach Children in Nepal
8. Wildlife Conservation Programme South Africa
9. Work with elephants in Namibia
10. Marine Conservation Seychelles
11. Seychelle Island Expedition
12. Kenya Community Conservation
13. Peru Community Building Project
14. Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Expedition
15. Guatemala Building Project
16. Teach Children in Mayan communities
17. Jaguar & Puma Research Project
18. Mexico Marine Conservation
19. Community Building Nicaragua Project
20. Outback & Marine Conservation
21. Volunteer with turtles in Vanuatu
22. Teach Children in Fiji
23. Fiji Marine Conservation
24. Fiji Island Conservation
25. Fiji Community Building Project
26. Work with turtles in Greece
27. Wildlife conservation with Kenya’s Maasai




Camps International

(Winner of Best Volunteering Organisation - Responsible Tourism Awards 2008.)

Who: Camps International runs award winning volunteer trips to Africa and Asia. Camps employ local staff, purchase local food and services, and they facilitate many literacy, conservation and other education programmes for the local community. The Camp Kenya Charitable Trust provides funds to support all of our projects. They minimise the use of water energy and consumption by incorporating roof fed water tanks to collect rainwater, they use locally sources building materials and they have implemented a carbon dioxide offset scheme. This levy is put towards tree planting programmes.

Number of projects in brochure: 5


1. Camp Kenya
2. Camp Tanzania
3. Camp Borneo
4. Camp Cambodia
5. Camp Ecuador

Book Bus (Venture Co)

Who: The Book Bus Foundation was founded in 2007 by Tom Maschler with the aim of spreading literacy and the joy of reading to children in Zambia. The Book Bus now operates in Malawi and Ecuador as well as Zambia and the people and connections that we have made along the way have swelled the Book Foundation into a dynamic and international organisation.

Number of projects in brochure: 1


1. Volunteer as a story teller in Malawi

Conservation Volunteer Australia/NZ

Who: Founded in 1982, our non-profit organisation has grown to become the largest practical conservation organisation in Australasia with offices in most capital cities and many regional centres across Australia and New Zealand. CVA recruits volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and around the world to join important environmental and wildlife conservation projects. 

Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

Volunteers taking part on any residential Conservation Volunteers projects are asked to pay a small fee towards the costs of meals, accommodation and transport (volunteering on single day projects is completely free).

Conservation Volunteers is a not-for-profit organisation - we don’t receive any core government funding. This means that we have to raise our entire budget from scratch, every year. We do this with approaches to seek money from a wide range of sources to cover our running costs. We fundraise from individual donors, our members, corporate partners, and by applying for grants from trusts, foundations and governments.

The money we raise goes directly to running our programs and covering costs such as:

Accommodation and meals for volunteers
• Trained and experienced Team Leaders who can explain the conservation projects and
provide on-site training to volunteers to ensure everything gets done properly
• Tools and equipment
• Insurance for our organisation
• Safety management, including 24-hour assistance should volunteers require help
• Staff training
• Volunteer recruitment costs, including communications such as our website to make
sure people know about the opportunities on our programs
• Management costs to develop and set up programs across Australia and New Zealand,
including staff and offices
• Administration to make sure our organisation runs effectively

We aim to keep the cost as low as possible for volunteers on residential projects, however to run an effective program which delivers great results for the environment and for volunteers, a small contribution is essential.

Number of projects in brochure: 4

1. Conservation in Australia or New Zealand
2. Penguin Protection - Coastal Conservation
3. Arnhem Land Marine Debris Project

Educational Travel Centre (ETC)

Who: Established in 1976, ETC offers experiences of more than 30 years as an inbound tour operator. With four offices in Bangkok staffed by highly trained travel professionals our aim is to provide holiday arrangements to meet each client’s specific requirements at the most competitive prices, whether it is a budget tour or first class, while maintaining the highest standards.

Where does the money go?

Meaningful Thailand Experience
Pick up, transport, orientation 28%
Accommodation 39%
Recruiting volunteers 26%
Staff, office & administration 4%
Profit (donations come from this figure): 13%

Hill Tribe Helping Hands Adventure
Pick up, transport, orientation 25%
Accommodation 44%
Recruiting Volunteers 17%
Staff, office & administration 4%
Profit (donations come from this): 10%

Number of projects in brochure: 2

1. Meaningful Thailand Experience
2. Hill Tribe Helping Hands Adventure

The Kingdom of the White Lion

Who: Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, runs our Kingdom of the white lion project. He works with some of the most dangerous animals known to man. He sleeps with lions, cuddles newborn hyenas and swims with lionesses!
This project was primarily set up for the filming of ‘White Lion-Home is a Journey’. This park is home to a number of animals including; the rare white lion, both brown and spotted hyena, black leopard, jaguar and a variety of antelope species including blue wildebeest, giraffe, impala, blesbok and nyala.

Where does the money go?

This is a question that comes up very often and the reasons in a nutshell: 

1.       Need to generate income to run our sanctuary and support the animals
2.       We provide accommodation and need to maintain and service this which requires staff and consumables
3.       We provide transfers to and from the airport and grocery store which costs us man power and running costs like fuel, vehicles, insurance
4.       Dedicated staff are required to handle bookings, training and supervision of volunteers
5.       Agents are used to book and facilitate travel and we pay them a commission
6.       Insurances are in place to accommodate guests which costs us money
7.       They receive a private tour with Kevin Richardson the world renown lion whisperer

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Kingdom of the White Lion Experience

Indian Network for Development Exchange (IDEX)

Who: Indian Network for Development Exchange (IDEX) designs and locally supports volunteer and travel programs in India that are educational, culturally immersive, and beneficial to the social development of local communities in need.

Number of Projects in brochure: 3

1. Himalayan Adventure & Volunteer
2. Goa Beach & Volunteer
3. Experience Exotic Rajasthan


Magic Traveller

Who: Magic Bus is New Zealand's trusted transportation for backpackers and independent travellers. The first Qualmark endorsed visitor transport, Magic Bus offers flexible New Zealand backpacker bus travel for the ultimate New Zealand adventure tour.
Magic Traveller recognise the importance of New Zealand’s natural environment and the need for its sustainability. We acknowledge that our company operations have a contributing effect on the local and regional environment. Magic Travellers is committed to environmentally responsible tourism through continuous improvements in environmental performance, waste management and the prevention of pollution.

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Kiwi Encounter Conservation

Marine Dynamics

Who: Marine Dynamics is a Shark Cage Diving company based in Kleinbaai, a small harbour town, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa. This area is known as the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks in their natural habitat.
Marine Dynamics is made up of a team of shark enthusiasts who constantly strive to place shark conservation and education foremost. This is done through educating clients on a daily basis, by conducting research and by maintaining structured marine education and development projects.

Number of projects in brochure: 2

1. Great White Shark Volunteering
2. Whale & Marine Wildlife Project


Who: In February 1994 Richard started Nomads and opened the first hostel in Adelaide. Nomads is a registered Inbound Tour Operator. The international traveller is the fastest growing customer segment of Nomads and Nomads now actively sells youth travel products in more than 40 countries via 180 travel retailers and wholesalers representing thousands of travel agents. The average month will see more than 20 different nationalities book travel from this web site alone.

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Maori Cultural Volunteer Programme

Shamwari Game Reserve

Who: Conservation has always been a priority for Shamwari Game Reserve. In many aspects Shamwari has been the pioneer in the Eastern Cape eco tourism resurgence and in order to ensure responsible wildlife management the Shamwari Wildlife Department was created in 1996.

Why pay to volunteer and where does the money go?

If we broke it down by the weekly rate per participant paid, funds are used to defray operational costs of the experiences and further to ensure that suitably high standards are maintained in regard all aspects of the experiences and other resources to service guests. This can only be achieved and made sustainable through ensuring financial, social and ecological outcomes are yielded through any eco-tourism venture – one without the other, we believe is non-existent or unsustainable.

If however ANY participant in our Shamwari Conservation Experience projects further “donate” funds, 100 % goes to a conservation related efforts – whether fauna, flaura or humane. We further generally insist that such funds are actioned through projects whilst at the time of stay of the financial or goods donour. We do and have acted as responsible and accountable custodians of funds and goods donated by guests/volunteers/students/gap-year participants on several occasions and insist on a reporting structure with both tangible and measurable outcomes in mind, especially if these funds are sent pre or post participation.

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Shamwari Conservation Experience

The Great Projects

(Highly commended for 'Best Volunteering Organisation' - Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2010 )

Who: The Great Projects is a coalition of various award winning orangutan conservation projects in Malaysian Borneo, driven to share a common goal "increasing sustainable ape populations in Borneo, bringing them back from the brink of extinction”. International volunteers dedicate their time to work with these great apes and assist them in their orangutan rehabilitation programmes.

Number of projects in brochure: 4

1. Experience Borneo and conserve orang-utans
2. Work with endangered Orang-utans
3. Build a future for orang-utans in West Kalimantan
4. The Great Gorilla Project Uganda

Volunteer Africa 32° South (VA32)

Who: Volunteer Africa 32° South (VA32) is a volunteer organisation based in Chintsa on the stunning Wild Coast of South Africa. VA32 volunteer programs address education, social and conservation issues in the wider Chintsa area. Operating for 5 years, Volunteer Africa has seen 1000+ volunteers take part in our life changing volunteer experiences. This project is accredited with the Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) mark

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Wild Coast Schools Project


Who: You2Africa is an African web based company that promotes sensitive, meaningful and well priced African Volunteer Projects. You2Africa is a specialist in Africa volunteer projects focusing on sourcing volunteers from the international market those who don't just want to sightsee in Africa but who want to have a worthwhile experience and participate in community development projects and travel work in Africa whilst visiting our beautiful continent.

Where does the money go?

Donation pricing is a really important issue and one that our Volunteers should know about upfront. Our volunteer projects vary in donation amounts but in general for 'Help for Orphans in Cape Town' exclusive to STA Travel is basically split into four equal percentages.

Agent Commission 25%
Food/Accommodation/Transport 25%
Project Donation 25%
You2Africa Costs 25%
You2Africa make about a 10% profit after all costs paid

Number of projects in brochure: 1

1. Help for orphans in Cape Town

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