Do you want to be the 1SOURCE guru? Or is there a destination you haven’t visited but you want to sound as though you have? Well this is the page for you! See below for links to various training modules which will allow you to expand your mind and cram in a bit more knowledge. All that mind-stretching not only allows you to serve and sell more effectively but makes you one clever bean and the brainiac of your office!

1SOURCE Training
 Module  Content and What is Covered
1SOURCE Module 1 How To Make A Booking
1SOURCE Module 2 How To Amend And Cancel A Booking
1SOURCE Module 3 Hints, Tips & Advanced Functionality
 Reduced Booking Flow  Learn how to use the new reduced booking flow.
 Why 1SOURCE? Information on improvements, suppliers and 'The Big Switch'
 1SOURCE Powerpoint The above information in a handy and fun format!
1SOURCE Top Tips  Perfect as a desk print-out
Searching for/Booking HOHO  A snappy 'how to' find/book in 1SOURCE
1SOURCE Transfers  Great tips for booking Transfers in 1SOURCE
Multiple Bookings  Multiple bookings made simple
Ad Hoc  How to book Ad-Hoc products in 1Source
Calendar View Learn how to utilise the new calendar  view in 1SOURCE
1SOURCE Optional/Mandatory Extras Everything you need to know about checking optional and mandatory extras in the new booking flow.
Oz Experience  
Oz Experience 2013 - Product Changes Great document with all the changes to Oz Experience for 2013.
Oz Experience 2013 product changes: FAQ Handy FAQ sheet to help you book Oz Experience product.
Pass Cheat Sheet  Handy tips on booking the best rail pass for you customer!
 How to Book  Useful info on how to book Bamba products!
Dragon Experience  
 Experiences  Handy Cheat Sheet on short experiences available
 Guided Tours  Handy Cheat Sheet for booking Guided Tours
 Un-Guided Tours  Handy Cheat Sheet for Un-Guided Tours.
 Trains and Hostel Bookings  Handy Cheat Cheat for Trains/Hostels available.
 Awesome Adventures  
 How to Book Awesome Adventures  Handy guide on how to book Awesome Adventures in 1SOURCE
 Changes to Awesome Adventures  A guide on the changes to the products
 Awesome Adventures Island Guide  That all important information on the islands
Volunteer Training
The 2012 Volunteer, Work and Learn brochure is packed full of fantastic products. Click on the link below to take you to an array of training powerpoints designed to help you get to grips with all that is on offer!
Training Content
Volunteer, Work & Learn Brochure Volunteer, Work and Learn Products - by Division
Brisbane Feel like brushing up on your geographical knowledge and learning more detail about a specific country or region? Then these handy training programs are for you! Simply click on the country or area you would like to find out more about and you will be directed to the training program!

A little extra...

 Additional Training  Content
Fiji  Fiji and Nadi Destinational Training
South Australia  An Inside Guide to South Australia

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